Mish Mash Monday – May 2

After a year-long absence, Mish Mash Monday is back! I have to have some place to store all the great things I’ve discovered, rather than ‘working them into’ a regular post. As there is usually other media embedded, MMM will require a click away to the blog. Sorry, email readers.

As a general rule they will stick to DirtNKids’ regular Categories and Tags, including Gardening, Birding, Nature, and (naturally) Veganism. Whatever it is, connecting with our planet and a better future in it is important to us. Perhaps it is for you as well. Enjoy!

~ Shannon @ DirtNKids Blog

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Talking Dirt

Talking Dirt

“Good gardening is just like good parenting but much less draining because there’s no backtalk or PTA meetings.” ~ Annie Spiegelman

There are several books I have in my home library which help me with my wacky organic gardening way, but this!  It continues to be my favorite and worthy of its own post, if nothing more than for her clever similarities between gardening and parenting.

I read through it often because she makes me smile.  Gardeners and non-gardeners alike, there something in here for all of us.  Here’s what she has to say about the “lazy” gardening way:

Your soil is full of minerals, organic matter, air spaces, water, insects, and microorganisms. These soil organisms help store and then release essential nutrients to your plants. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to keep the underground living system thriving. These organisms (mites, beetles, millipedes, earthworms, bacteria, and fungi) power Mother Nature’s perfect decay cycle by recycling organic matter (leaves, stems) and turning it into humus (or compost), an end product that your plants can easily digest and is full of nutrients to fuel their growth and development. You may even be voted parent of the year by your plants.  This is so much less taxing work than vying for parent of the year with real live children.  Finally, we can all feel like winners.

* * *

Take care of your soil.
It, in turn, will take care of you.