Mish Mash Monday – May 2

After a year-long absence, Mish Mash Monday is back! I have to have some place to store all the great things I’ve discovered, rather than ‘working them into’ a regular post. As there is usually other media embedded, MMM will require a click away to the blog. Sorry, email readers.

As a general rule they will stick to DirtNKids’ regular Categories and Tags, including Gardening, Birding, Nature, and (naturally) Veganism. Whatever it is, connecting with our planet and a better future in it is important to us. Perhaps it is for you as well. Enjoy!

~ Shannon @ DirtNKids Blog

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Schwartzberg: Nature’s Beauty Slowed Down

I want to share something with you that is not from my yard and home for once. When I discover something external that brings joy and gratitude to my own life, it is hard not to pass it on.

I first learned about Louie Schwartzberg last summer while away from our natural yard and creek setting and lusting for daily injections of nature.  When I watched Wings of Life for the first time at the apartment, I fell in love with hummingbirds and bats all over again.  Did you know the bumblebee emits a perfect concert pitch with her wings in order to uniquely extract the tomato’s pollen? No other bee does this!

Schwartzberg’s ability to slow down these animals and insects through high-speed filmography highlights the unique relationship between these creatures and the flower, through a story told from the perspective of the flower (narrated by Meryl Streep). It struck a chord within my nature-loving heart.

If you are a lover of the pollinators — bees, bats, butterflies, birds — you will really love this.  Watch the 7-minute TED Talk excerpt below, four minutes of which are hi-def clips from his films.

Oh! to watch the hummingbird and his twisty-turny ways!  Turn up the volume.

It is wondrous nature, slowed down and appreciated right up close, in a way that only time-lapse and high-speed film can capture.

Got Netflix?

Look for his ‘Moving Art’ series, nature time-lapse
and music streaming right to your screen for the best
background TV noise ever.