It’s The Little (Exoskeleton) Things

“It is by studying little things that we attain the great art of having as little misery and as much happiness as possible.” ~ Samuel Johnson

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Schwartzberg: Nature’s Beauty Slowed Down

I want to share something with you that is not from my yard and home for once. When I discover something external that brings joy and gratitude to my own life, it is hard not to pass it on.

I first learned about Louie Schwartzberg last summer while away from our natural yard and creek setting and lusting for daily injections of nature.  When I watched Wings of Life for the first time at the apartment, I fell in love with hummingbirds and bats all over again.  Did you know the bumblebee emits a perfect concert pitch with her wings in order to uniquely extract the tomato’s pollen? No other bee does this!

Schwartzberg’s ability to slow down these animals and insects through high-speed filmography highlights the unique relationship between these creatures and the flower, through a story told from the perspective of the flower (narrated by Meryl Streep). It struck a chord within my nature-loving heart.

If you are a lover of the pollinators — bees, bats, butterflies, birds — you will really love this.  Watch the 7-minute TED Talk excerpt below, four minutes of which are hi-def clips from his films.

Oh! to watch the hummingbird and his twisty-turny ways!  Turn up the volume.

It is wondrous nature, slowed down and appreciated right up close, in a way that only time-lapse and high-speed film can capture.

Got Netflix?

Look for his ‘Moving Art’ series, nature time-lapse
and music streaming right to your screen for the best
background TV noise ever.

Lost in the Details

“Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.”  ~ Mother Teresa

* * *

I love to connect with my world.  With a park-like setting  literally one step away from my living quarters, it is easy to take daily walks in nature — with nature.  This weekend, though, we enjoyed watching birds from the comfort of the breakfast room, while the temps hovered in the 40’s and the wind whipped the trees.  Scott is now a fantastic birder.  He quickly and accurately identified two more beauties for our life list, now frequent visitors to the back patio:  Yellow-throated and Orange-crowned Warblers.   In the course of one morning, he counted more than 20 species from the inside.

Sometimes we find things that don’t necessarily bring us joy, like the Eastern Bluebird by the creek.  Small, perfect and beautiful, if dead, it was difficult to determine his demise.  We rejoiced in his life anyway; it was no doubt as fantastic and his plumage was blue.

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