Brazos Bend Memorial Day

This will be a quickie post, a few photos, a few words.  I have a beloved guest coming to visit our family today, so I don’t want to linger here.  I have some cleaning to do.  My downstairs is in less than stellar condition for company — even if she is one of my beloved mothers (and therefore would forgive it).  On to the photos.

* * *

Memorial Day was the last holiday before the end of school.  Ginny had been running a fever the day before, so we wanted to do something with the kids that wasn’t too active or required an entire day of activity.  Brazos Bend State Park fit that bill.

We got there early and hit the trail.  The field of wild flowers and balmy weather welcomed me.  This is my kind of place — I’m glad I brought the camera — but we gotta hoof it before the sun gets up high, before it gets really hot.

Hitting the nature trail. Scott and the kids.

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