What? No Zombies?

He must be growing up.  Unlike most of his pencil drawings these days, there’s not a single zombie on it.

Notice how this elaborate piece of space rock is being propelled from an apparent star explosion, resulting in a quasar.  I should ask him what the burped star is supposed to represent.

Who knows?  Maybe zombies are evolving slowly on this blob of debris, hurling towards earth at break-neck speed, destined to perpetuate a full-on zombie apocalypse by December 20, 3512.  Only time will tell.

Or maybe it’s just a rock.

First Place Procrastination

No one is more surprised than Mom and Dad when their child gets a blue ribbon for something which he gave minimal effort.  At DirtNKids, anything labeled “project” — especially one which requires thought and planning, check lists and font-typing — elicits grunts and groans.  Projects, fun or no, really cut into the free time.

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Zombies on the Brain

John — using his own hands for modeling, a first for him — imagines what they might look like part dead.  Hanging flesh, sinews, bone, and underwater sea creatures apparently are all a part of the apocalypse.

Thank goodness he’s keeping busy with activities other than picking on his younger siblings, playing video games, or watching Annoying Orange on YouTube.

Now, if I can just get him as interested in doing house chores.

Zombie Hand Practice

Chicks and Chicks

A Chick Pick – by Angie

Hey you!  Yeah, you.  I’ll keep this short.

Weeks are getting longer now and summer is almost here. If you’re a mom with kids, you certainly don’t need me to tell you that. You’ve got your own stresses, plans and preps to deal with.  For us, it’s down to the last two weeks of school — possibly the busiest yet.   It’s book fair, one last field trip, field day, awards ceremonies. The list goes on.

All of that aside, today I’m celebrating chicks — hawk chicks, people chicks.  It’s been a chick week, to say the least.  It might even have beat out the wren chicks of last year.

Chick Sighting #1

We have neighbors, and this is a very big deal! The house next door has a long, sad history, involving a rowdy football player, drugs, illegal tenants, and finally an eviction and destruction of property (which we watched in horror). The house sat vacant for more than a year before a family actually bought it. Such a great day that was! One of the new owners female, a welcome change. She’s close to my age and appears to be an ‘outdoor’ type. Yippee!

I’ve already dubbed her the World’s Coolest Mom.  On Mother’s Day last weekend — when we met them — we learn that her son’s metal band opening for Bon Jovi at Bamboozle this weekend. We had wondered about the the loud music wafting toward our quiet by the creek. This would be temporary, she told us, and so sorry for the noise.  We love rock music.  And it’s way better than some of the parties that our previous single-druggie-football-player neighbor used to throw.

Chick Sighting #2

A pleasant and quite unplanned visit from Mary and Valerie of KodakKerouacs happened while on their 5-week mission of fun and film.  They drove just close enough to my home near Houston on their way from New Orleans to Austin that it would simply have been rude not to stop in for lunch and a chat.  So that’s what they did.

Lovely, lovely girls.  We had only a few minutes to ourselves until the kids came home, so we ate lunch and caught up.  My four were in usual form after school, no shortage of magic tricks, music, origami, and just showing off for company.  Valerie had her own awesome show-and-tell for the kids (a nearly 100-yr-old camera…COOL!).  The best of it was that I got to indulge in some much needed adult conversation out by the creek on an awfully pretty day with some of my favorite bloggers.  It ended way too soon.

Mark my words:  these girls are going to be famous one day.

Chick Sighting #3

There is a family of hawks in our tree. I initially thought it was a female incubating eggs; in fact, there were already two feathered youth in it.  As of today, though, I no longer see them there. I may have missed the fledging.

John’s Doodlings – DragonTree Man

I found this while I was collecting all the flotsam-and-jetsam strewn about the house this morning.   I stopped John from working on it because he hadn’t eaten his breakfast yet (he did the drawing it in about 10 minutes, but it takes him 20 to eat a bowl of cereal).   Even the most brilliant artists need to fill their tummies before school, I told him.  It could wait until after school.

It makes me wonder what book he’s currently reading.  Or perhaps we should be concerned about his watching a Supernatural episode on Netflix before he goes to bed.

DragonTree Man (Unfinished)

Portrait of a Caffeine-Deficient Mom

This is one of my favorite drawings that my son whipped up one morning while I stood bitching about the empty coffee pot, waiting for what seemed like an eternity for the  crack-caffeine to drip out. He showed it to me and promptly threw it in the trash as another random scribbling (there are many).


I practically dove into the bin. I smoothed the wrinkles, scanned it for the archive, and added it to the ever-growing pile of his other ‘masterpieces.’

It’s such a loving, adoring portrait of his mother before she’s had her morning cup of coffee. Wouldn’t you say so?