What? No Zombies?

He must be growing up.  Unlike most of his pencil drawings these days, there’s not a single zombie on it.

Notice how this elaborate piece of space rock is being propelled from an apparent star explosion, resulting in a quasar.  I should ask him what the burped star is supposed to represent.

Who knows?  Maybe zombies are evolving slowly on this blob of debris, hurling towards earth at break-neck speed, destined to perpetuate a full-on zombie apocalypse by December 20, 3512.  Only time will tell.

Or maybe it’s just a rock.

First Place Procrastination

No one is more surprised than Mom and Dad when their child gets a blue ribbon for something which he gave minimal effort.  At DirtNKids, anything labeled “project” — especially one which requires thought and planning, check lists and font-typing — elicits grunts and groans.  Projects, fun or no, really cut into the free time.

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Portrait of a Caffeine-Deficient Mom

This is one of my favorite drawings that my son whipped up one morning while I stood bitching about the empty coffee pot, waiting for what seemed like an eternity for the  crack-caffeine to drip out. He showed it to me and promptly threw it in the trash as another random scribbling (there are many).


I practically dove into the bin. I smoothed the wrinkles, scanned it for the archive, and added it to the ever-growing pile of his other ‘masterpieces.’

It’s such a loving, adoring portrait of his mother before she’s had her morning cup of coffee. Wouldn’t you say so?