Brrrr…I Need Me Some Hummingbird Fluff

So much for our early spring weather! Temps are back into the 30’s (temporarily, I hope) so all of us near the Gulf Coast can experience a modicum of winter before the spring/summer temps are regularly back in the 90’s (which they normally are).

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Bird of the Month: Rufous

She’s so very little, only about two inches tall, feisty…and fast.  Shooting her with a still camera is frustrating and exhausting; by the time I get to the camera set-up, all I get is her back side and a big blur as she zooms away.  So much more fun to zoom in and just press record.  

So we secretly video’d her taking a bath and doing her morning calisthenics.  That’s not illegal, is it?

Hummers, High Island, and High Hopes

“This could all be yours someday.”  ~ Guster

* * *

Little did we know what Christmas would spark.  When Scottie came in to tell me, There is a Rufous in our tree, I brushed him off in usual fashion.  I thought he probably just wishes there was one, much like the wood stork he talks about could be in our creek out back — but equally as unlikely.  He spends a lot of free time on the iBird Pro app and I can’t tell fact from fiction, especially when he’s deep in the business of learning about something.  I hear about some bird fact no less than 10 times per hour.  A mother can only humor a boy so much. 

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