Share Your Garden! My Zero-Work Garden, Giant Zucchini and Second Year Eggplant

“A vegetable garden in the beginning looks so promising, and then after all, little by little, it grows nothing but vegetables, nothing, nothing but vegetables.” ~ Gertrude Stein

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Wishing for Spring: Photo Series Animation

I’m overdue for a silly kid post.  So here you go.  You’re welcome.

Makes ya wanna get wet, huh?  

How about if I told you that the inlet well water filling the pool bladder this particular May daywas a warm and toasty 45 degrees? Notice how they’re not exactly all rolling around in it.

Jumping out and getting a warm towel is more my style.

Gnomie Goes to the Beach

Summer is the time of sun and surf and all things outdoorsy.  Being near the water is the most refreshing way to leave the headaches of everyday life back home.  Cool H2O helps to get the business of enjoying time together as a family up and running in good form.

Lake Michigan boasts some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet.  Few spots on any shoreline can brag fresh, clear (and cold!) water to escape the summer heat.   Our lake rental was loaded with non-electronic family fun — there was no internet, phone, and only movie DVD’s only for watching on the small TV.  Mostly, it was family board games, puzzle-building, naps (a must!), walks to the local fudgery, and hang-time on the front porch swing.  Oh…and lets not forget lots and lots of time at the beach.  A welcome week of general happiness and unplugged-ness.

During our last family outing there, we took along a “friend,” mailed to us by a another friend who really wanted to be going along too, but all she could hope was to live vicariously through his photo adventures. I gladly accepted the challenge; the kids named him Gnomie.

Gnomie and we landed on the eastern shoreline of Lake Michigan, in a little town in the northwest part of Michigan — Frankfort.  This post serves as a look-see into my photography style and general attitude toward life.

As usual, these photos are fully processed by my favorite camera — 2007 Olympus E-Volt Digital SLR and its standard 18-180mm lens — and untouched or otherwise not further enhanced by me.  True WYSIWIG style (really, ’cause I’m lazy).

Enjoy our little friend!  We look forward to future posts with Gnomie.

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