Giving Thanks and Discovering Beauty

Windy Wavy Grasses

Pretty Grassy Layers

“I discover beauty, in physical forms, while birding. I try to cup its essence like palm leaves do a heavy shower. Most of it spills out of my hands.” ~ Christy Bharath @ Verseherder Blog

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Mulch – Giving Thanks

Like you all, I’m thankful for a lot of things this Thanksgiving.  Good health, a loving family, bountiful food are usually on everyone’s short list.  It’s no different for mine.

Going against the grain most days, I’m thankful for the things that usually don’t cross others’ minds.  Like being flexible.  This Thanksgiving will be celebrated tomorrow, on Friday because a sick kid put us back a couple of days.   Today, it’s pizza and popcorn.  And Oreo’s.  In PJ’s.

I’m betting none of you are thankful for the annual mulching task.

* * *

10 Reasons to be Thankful
for Annual Mulching

  1.  A dump truck empties it right onto the driveway — no multiple trips to Lowe’s, no vacuuming out the van afterward, no plastic bags to recycle.

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