Re-Post: ‘Get Local If You Don’t Want To Get Dirty’

No surprises today. I’m still not back to blogging. Even a little bit. So for today I’m re-posting something I wrote waaaay back in 2012 when blogging was fresh and new and WordPress peeps were a very chatty lot (judging from comments, not ‘likes’).

Am I working on getting things together in my own garden? Sadly — like blogging — no. Sitting at a computer or poring through reference books? Sure. Building PowerPoints and making fun games for kids? Definitely. I also get to enjoy a couple hundred smiling faces every week while I play (I still won’t call it work) in their gardens.

I think that makes up for my slacking here.

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A Star is Born

Remember back in 2012?  I don’t, really.  Thank goodness for blogging.

That was when I first discovered the keyhole garden from a fellow blogger.  It’s only taken two years, but finally, the keyhole garden is in business.  (Thank you, Jocelyn!)  Unfortunately, due to a very full schedule through the end of June, it may get sloppily planted with more expensive seedlings from the nursery rather than sowing seeds.  I’m just too antsy to wait and do the whole thing in nature’s time (seed to fruit).

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Turkey Butts and Giant Turnips

Once per week, the whole DirtNKids clan hops in the 10-yr-old minivan for the 20 minute drive to Bubba’s farm.  During the winter, we load up on greens like mustard, turnip, beet, kale and fresh salad lettuces — my favorite time of year for food for sure.  Greens is what we eat, the mainstay of our diet, if you will, and for more than three years now, he’s our favorite place to “shop.”  If you’re new here, you can read about giant heads of cauliflower and shopping at a farm co-op to catch up. 

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Two Heads Are Better Than One

Farmer co-ops — they really are all the rage. My go-to farmer is Bubba, a 20-minute drive south of us. You could say we have a relationship.

During peak growing seasons, the back of my 10-yr-old minivan keeps a sharp knife, pitch fork, shovel, gumboots, a few plastic grocery bags, and a recycle bin lined with newsprint. I’m at the ready, you could say. But ready for what?

Ready for veggies.

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