Close Encounters of the Bird Kind

Do you remember the Hummingbird post from a couple of weeks back?  One of the birds already had a band on her foot, you know, the barely visible band with even less visible teensy numbers and letters etched on it.

We received a post card about her:  

“The hummingbird you adopted last Saturday at GCBO was originally banded at GCBO last fall on September 11, 2013.  This is a significant recapture, because we get very few of the same from year to year.  Congratulations on your very special bird!  Just think how many miles she has flown! “

The children clamored to look at a map of North America, did some quick head math.  Wowza.  That’s 20 miles per day with a 500-mile non-stop trip across the Gulf of Mexico…at least twice.

She’s no WyldStyle.  That chick earned a new name from her young sponsor:  Magellan.

We are now down to maintaining one feeder (of the three kept during fall migration).  Though the swarms and “Hummer Warz” are gone for the year, we still watch a migrant here or there, happy to find a feeder all to himself.  By December, we’ll begin hosting some of our cold weather variety, like the Rufous Hummingbird from Christmas which started it all.

Do you maintain any bird feeders?  

Do you keep nectar feeders up during the winter?